About Us

Boys Sew Too! was born out of the shared experience for the love and passion of sewing. Many boys and men are discouraged from sewing as ‘boys don’t sew’. That was the message TV sewer Mark Francis received from a teacher at school. It's something he and husband, designer, Clive Bruder, bonded over with a fellow sewer they had the privilege to know called Rob Dawson. He touched many lives in the sewing world and they finally got to meet on the catwalk at the Stitch Festival in London. Sadly Rob passed away very suddenly, just two weeks after that show. The Boys Sew Too! movement was set up and dedicated to him.

Rob was an inspirational person who always motivated others in community sewing groups. He encouraged others to do their best and he would champion your makes regardless of skill and ability.

Rob too was told that ‘boys don’t sew’ as a child. He ignored them and did it anyway.

Just as Rob did, we're here to encourage, support and show everyone that sewing is a life skill for all and that means boys too!

In October 2022 we had the great pleasure of putting on a Boys Sew Too! catwalk showcase at the Knitting and Stitching Show in Alexandra Palace. It was so well received from all who attended. Following this success we've been excited to welcome our Boys Sew Too! Ambassadors onboard. They'll be involved with any future BST projects nationally and in their local communities. Their simple goal is to help encourage anyone of any age to start sewing regardless of gender. Already this year we held another BST catwalk show in March at the Sewing for Pleasure Show in Birmingham and we'll also be heading back to Alexandra Palace for the Knitting and Stitching Show in October. The show organisers have really encouraged this movement and realise the importance to showcase male sewing within our wonderful and diverse sewing community.

Within the pages of this website we’ll be building support, guidance and tools to share our love of this beautiful craft.